Research interests


Data Science for the Geosciences
Lijing Wang, Zhen Yin, Jef Caers, Cambridge University Press, 2022 (In preparation)


  1. Uncertainty quantification of 3D subsurface redox architecture from non-collocated redox borehole and transient electromagnetic data
    Lijing Wang, Hyojin Kim, Troels N. Vilhelmsen, Anders V. Christiansen, Birgitte Hansen, Jef Caers Hydrogeology Journal, 2022 (in prep.)

  2. Uncertainty quantification of water exchanges due to beaver-induced inundation
    Lijing Wang, Zach Perzan, Tristan Babey, Martin Briggs, Sam Pierce, Brian Rogers, John Bargar, Kate Maher, 2022 (in prep.)

  3. Stochastic sampling of non-stationary geological interfaces accounting for geological realism
    Lijing Wang, Luk Peeters, Emma MacKie, and Jef Caers, 2022 (in prep.)

  4. Hierarchical Bayesian inversion of global variables and large-scale spatial fields
    Lijing Wang, Peter Kitanidis, and Jef Caers, Water Resources Research, 2022

  5. Efficacy of information in mineral exploration drilling
    Jef Caers, Celine Scheidt, Zhen Yin, Lijing Wang, Tapan Mukerji, Kurt House, Natural Resources Research, 2021

  6. Sequential value of information for subsurface exploration drilling
    Tyler Hall, Celine Scheidt, Lijing Wang, Zhen Yin, Tapan Mukerji, Jef Caers, Natural Resources Research, 2021 (under review)

  7. Semi-supervised semantic segmentation for seismic interpretation
    Lijing Wang, Frederic Joncour, Pierre-Emmanuel Barrallon, Thibault Harribey, Chanchal Chatterjee, Laurent Castanie, Sonia Yousfi, and Sebastien Guillon, Geophysics, 2021 (under review)

  8. Quantifying the influence of precipitation intensity on landslide hazard in urbanized and non-urbanized areas
    Elizabeth Johnston, Frances Davenport, Lijing Wang, Jef Caers, Suresh Muthukrishnan, Marshall Burke, and Noah Diffenbaugh, Geophysical Research Letters, 2021

  9. Probabilistic evaluation of geoscientific hypotheses with geophysical data: application to electrical resistivity imaging of a fractured bedrock zone
    Alex Miltenberger, Sebastian Uhlemann, Tapan Mukerji, Ken Williams, Baptiste Dafflon, Lijing Wang, Haruko Murakami-Wainwright, Journal of Geophysical Research - Solid Earth, 2021

  10. Global sensitivity analysis of a reactive transport model for mineral scale formation during hydraulic fracturing
    Qingyun Li, Lijing Wang, Zach Perzan, Jef Caers, Gordon E. Brown Jr., John R. Bargar, and Kate Maher, Environmental Engineering Science, 2021

  11. Semantic segmentation of crop type in Africa: A novel dataset and analysis of deep learning methods
    Rose Rustowicz, Robin Cheong, Lijing Wang, Stefano Ermon, Marshall Burke, David Lobell, Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Workshops, 2019